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About the Cover

On the left-hand side is a reconstructed image of the document Wushier bingfang (五十二病方) unearthed from the Mawangdui Han Tombs (馬王堆漢墓,163 BC). Predating The Yellow Emperor’s Canon Internal Medicine (黃帝內經), this is one of the earliest Chinese references to mental illness. On the right-hand side is a woodblock print of a medicinal herb, day lily (忘憂草), which was adapted from a Ming Dynasty Chinese herbal medical book. On the right lower corner is the Journal logo, in the form of an ancient seal impressed with the word ‘Chi’ (), meaning ‘record’ or ‘journal’. The upper constituent also resembles the Greek letter ‘Psi’, a symbol of psychiatry, while the lower part is the word ‘heart’, as a heart-shaped stethoscope, representing the caring practice of psychological medicine.

Cover design: Dr. Joshua Tsoh and Prof. Eric Chen; Logo design: Prof. Eric Chen

CMECME/CPD programme
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