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Current Issue

Volume 25, issue 03, September 2015

Original Articles

  • Antidepressant Prescription Pattern in the Presence of Medical Co-morbidity: REAP-AD 2013 Study

Authors: S Grover, A Avasthi, A Tripathi, AJ Tanra, KY Chee, YL He,HFK Chiu, H Kuga, MS Lee, MY Chong, P Udormatn, S Kanba,SY Yang, TM Si, K Sim, CH Tan, WW Shen, YT Xiang, N Sartorius, N Shinfuku

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  • Classic Tower of Hanoi, Planning Skills, and the Indian Elderly

Authors: R Balachandar, R Tripathi, S Bharath, K Kumar

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  • Frequency and Correlates of Distant Visual Impairment in Patients with Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, and Major Depressive Disorder

Authors: W Zheng, LR Tang, CU Correll, GS Ungvari, HFK Chiu, YQ Xiang, YT Xiang

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  • Homelessness and Cognitive Impairment: An Exploratory Study in Tokyo, Japan

Authors: G Pluck, M Nakakarumai, Y Sato

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  • Psychiatric Morbidity in Chinese Adults with Type 1 Diabetes in Hong Kong

Authors: KY Tung, KS Cheng, WK Lee, PK Kwong, KW Chan, ACB Law,WTL Lo

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Letter to Editor

  • Is Add-on Psycho-education Effective in the Treatment of Depression?

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