Hong Kong Journal of Psychiatry (1997) 7 (2). 3


In this issue, the readers will find the first appearance of the abstracts of the various articles printed in Chinese. This would help to extend the readership to the thousands of psychiatrists in China, and in a way mark as a signpost the return of the sovereignty of Hong Kong to China from 1st July, 1997 onwards. However, the Journal will continue to be published in the English language so as to serve the objective of a 'bridge' between psychiatry of the West and that of the Orient. Hopefully through this semi-bilingual presentation, we can attract more contributions from our colleagues in China and Hong Kong, with similar increase in responses and feedback from our counterparts in other Asian and western countries. If resources permit, we would like to dedicate a special issue on Psychiatry in China in the near future.

The present issue concentrates on the topic of Schizophrenia, a chronic severe mental disorder with significant morbidity and morbidity, with high demand on financial and human resources from the society. Fortunately, there have been quite significant advances in the subject, and in Hong Kong, quite a number of psychiatrists are interested in doing research in the area: Therefore it is opportune to show to others some of the work being done locally, and to stimulate others to follow suit. Indeed, various aspects of schizophrenia were covered: biological, psychological and social. I would personally like to thank the issue editor, Dr. Eric Y.H. Chen whose work in the neuro-cognitive aspect of schizophrenia is well recognized, for his dedicated efforts in reviewing and editing the relevant papers, and also to Dr. W.N. Tang for the Chinese translations.

Dr. Ki-Yan MAK
Chief Editor



今期主耍內容乃精神分裂症-- 一種慢性又嚴重的精神疾病。其實,香港也有不少專家對這疾病有興趣,從生理、心理甚至社會不同角度來研究。得蒙陳友凱醫生為本期為此專題作編輯,及鄧偉能醫生社為論文摘要作中文翻譯,在此深表謝意。

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